The Process

Second Chance Credit has developed and fine-tuned a system designed to get you optimal result in the shortest amount of time

Good credit means peace of mind and a better quality of life. You want an excellent credit score, and we’re here to help.


The first step is meet and better understand your current needs and long-term goals. This includes a detailed discussion about your financial status including all debt related issues as well as a quick review of a current credit report.


Once the evaluation process is complete, we conduct a more in-depth evaluation of the client’s credit report and identify everything that is questionable, obsolete or out of compliance. We identify any erroneous accounts and transactions, and pinpoint opportunities for clients to lower interest rates, as well as areas where reducing debt will have the most impact.


After we have identified areas where we can help improve credit scores, we devise a strategy that’s tailored to your needs. We begin by making every effort to remove erroneous accounts and transactions. Next, we provide guidance for effectively decreasing debt and consider refinancing opportunities, allowing you to pay off debt and improve your credit score as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Get the Credit Rating Help You Need Today. Second Chance Can Help You Repair Your Credit and Improve Your Score With Proven Techniques.

Second Chance Credit Personalized Services Gold Platinum Blue Diamond
pro analysis of credit bureaus
45 minute zoom action plan onboarding
credit bureaus challenges 24 42 Unlimited
custom disputes
credit reestablishing
score analysis and assistance
inquiry assist
monthly email follow ups
monthly follow ups 2-5 minute call
credit score update by Experian
personal finance tools recommendation
debt settlement consultation
goodwill letters
debt strategic repayment
dispute bankruptcy
dispute judgments
dispute automobiles repossessions
expedited disputes
customized plan for refinancing: home, automobile
customized plan for attaining elite credit cards
customized plan for attaining business credit cards
access to companies professional network
courier service for credit bureaus pick up
monthly scheduled call with Chris (30 minutes)

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