The Process

We’ve developed a finely tuned system designed to get you optimal result in the shortest time.

Good credit means peace of mind and a better quality of life. You want an excellent credit score, and we’re here to help.


First we sit down with our clients and do our best to understand their needs. This process involves an initial review of their credit report and a short interview with the client about the current situation, any financial and debt related issues they may be having, as well as their goals for the future.


Next we perform a thorough evaluation of the client’s credit report and identify any erroneous accounts and transactions, areas where reducing debt will have the most impact and opportunities for clients to lower interest rates.


Once we’ve identified areas where we can help the client improve their credit score, we craft a strategy and make every effort to remove erroneous accounts and transactions, as well as provide our clients with guidance for effectively decreasing debt and refinancing opportunities, allowing clients to pay off their debt and improve their credit scores as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Ready to Grow Your Credit Score?