“In my business as a criminal and family defense attorney having access to low interest business loans is essential for my daily operations. In these challenging economic times my ability to obtain reasonable financing is extremely difficult. Mistakes I have made and economic variables out of my control had made getting financing I need virtually impossible. Your services at Second Chance Credit have remedied this obstacle by improving my credit exponentially. Your assistance has been invaluable and I would wholeheartedly recommend your expertise to my friends and family. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf.”

Stephen K. Johnson P.A.

“I took for granted the seriousness of having great credit, until I lost what could’ve been my first home. I was devastated, as I was pregnant with by first baby and no home to give to her. The amount of inaccuracies in my reports prevented me from qualifying for a home loan. After much online investigating and calls to the three credit bureaus, I felt like I was getting no-where, the price you pay for trying to do it yourself while not knowing what to do. ”

That is when my Realtor recommended Second Chance Credit. What a LIFESAVER! In just a few short months, Second Chance Credit had all the credit bureaus correcting and deleting all of the inaccuracies that were affecting my credit. My credit scores are now well into the high 700’s, and I just qualified for the best home interest rate available. Second Chance Credit proved what it truly means to provide excellent customer service.

As a working professional, I know how customer service is a lost art, but you’ll find that and much more with Second Chance Credit. I strongly recommend everyone check their credit reports, and contact Second Chance Credit for any of your credit

Second Chance Credit has been the best investment I’ve ever made. Thank you for returning my sanity, and credit worthiness Second Chance Credit LLC. You guys are a LIFESAVER!”

Lourdes De Los Rios

Thanks to you guys at Second Chance Credit I am now able to buy my own home! I am a single mom with a single income…thanks to Second Chance Credit I am now able to qualify for a home purchase, and my credit score was so improved that I was able to get a new car as well. Both at the best interest rates. I achieved my two goals in a house purchase and a car purchase, while saving thousands of dollars.

I have already told several people about Second Chance Credit, and will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs help with credit repair or any credit needs. They are professional, courteous, trustworthy and obtain exceptional results. I had results in under 90 days.

I couldn’t have done it with out them!”

Thank you Second Chance Credit,

Teresa Alvarez


“I want to thank you so much for your the big help, without Second Chance Credit I don’t think we would have been able to get a home loan. I had been trying to improve my credit score on my own for a very long time with barely any results, and in 45 days Second Chance Credit did it. They were fast, effective, had great customer service, and our new scores showed that. I never thought I would be in the 700 credit score range, but here I’m.

Again thank you so much, both my spouse and I are very happy with the services of Second Chance Credit.”

Aissel Faquir
Registered Nurse


“My wife and I wanted to start getting ready to buy a house, but had major credit issues. Thanks to Second Chance Credit I now have a score of 720 and banks are more than willing to do business with us. It’s been easier to not only get a mortgage, but buy a car, and even get a cell phone! Follow their professional guidance, keep up with your responsibilities, and they really do give you a second chance to your credit

Second Chance Credit LLC, you ROCK!”

Nathan Acosta


“I first came to Second Chance Credit LLC at the beginning of this passing year 2011. My credit scores were very low and I wanted to purchase a home. Second Chance Credit was very informative and patient during my process. They were always available and willing to help with any questions and concerns I had during the process. Second Chance Credit, I now have amazing credit scores (820 FICO), and I now got qualified quickly to purchase my home with an interest rate of 3.5% with a local bank. I highly recommend Second Chance Credit with their knowledge to help anyone who is going to seek help to fix their credit.”

Thank You,

Alina Diaz


“I Finally settled into my new home and I wanted to take the time to give a MILLION THANKS to Second Chance Credit, LLC. Thanks to their amazing service and professionalism, I now have a “second chance” to do things right!

Over a year ago, I found myself not sleeping and worrying about my future. My husband was loosing the apartment we lived in, our income was very low, and both our credit scores were scores were pretty much nonexistent. After I graduated from school, my income improved, but my credit was still horrible. After venting to a friend, I was referred to Second Chance Credit.

I was hesitant at first but Chris from Second Chance Credit was very professional and informative, and at the end of our first meeting, I was hopeful. Sure enough, less than a year later I was ready to go! Not only did Chris help me improve my credit score, but he also got me in contact with other great professionals.

I am now a proud homeowner and enjoying every minute of it! I will be forever grateful!”

Miriam Ruiz


“I just wanted to say THANKS for helping me with my credit. I am so pleased with Second Chance Credit’s work! Signing up for your services was definitively the best decision I’ve made! Your profesionalism, knowledge and dedication sets you apart and you acomplished exactly what you’d promised me.”

Elizabeth Munoz


“Working with Second Chance Credit on my credit repair was a great experience.

They made me feel reassured that “there is the light at the end of the tunnel” and that I can come out successfully by following their clear instructions. I felt safe and well guided. The whole process was conducted with professionalism and it was also done “in no time”.

Their desire is for their clients to succeed and make their dreams come true. I made new friends from our team work and I have recommended them to my co-workers and friends. I am now qualified to buy my house and make my “American Dream”come true.

I highly recommend Second Chance Credit.

Thank you for your flexibility to work with me and going beyond the call of duty.”

Irvana Eloundou


“We came to Second Chance Credit for assistance to attain a better credit score. We initially wanted a high enough credit score to purchase a new vehicle. With Second Chance Credit’s hard work, and a little contribution on our behalf, we were able to raise our score to be approved for financing. We plan to continue to work side by side with Second Chance Credit to keep raising our score. Second Chance Credit is very clear on what expectations should be and what is needed for a successful outcome.”

E. Vargas


“Second Chance Credit has done a great job in helping the referrals I have provided them. They are very professional in their work and above all, trustworthy. I have recommended them before and would not hesitate to keep on doing so. In their line of business, trust is of the utmost importance, Second Chance Credit has earned the trust and admiration of all that have worked with them.”

Sally Villalba, Commercial Relationship Manager, SunTrust Banks, Inc.


“Since having Second Chance Credit help fix my credit I have been able to do so much more. I actually got approved for a credit card and that was just the beginning. I was able to open 2 more after that and now I am in the process of buying a car and looking into buying a house. None of this would have been possible with the credit I had before Second Chance Credit helped me. I was skeptical at first but within a couple of months of hiring Second Chance Credit I was receiving notices showing things had been removed from my credit report. I am now proud to say that my credit score is 720 and that is all thanks to Second Chance Credit. I owe you so much more for what u did. Thanks Second Chance Credit!”

Wellington Largaespada


“When I was younger I never put too much thought into my future. I was always living by what I could get here and now. Understanding how much I needed good credit was not something I cared to know then. I took out credit cards and bought all of the things a young single man could dream of. I racked up a debt I had a hard time paying off. Now, as a husband and father when I need my credit most, my past mistakes came back to haunt me.

I went to Second Chance Credit hoping for the best. They showed me their work and explained their process and how they could help my family and I. They were up front, professional, and honest about everything and made me feel confident about employing their services. After about four months, my wife and I started to see positive changes in our credit reports.

Before I started with Second Chance Credit I was not able to get approved for a single credit card. I am pleased to say that after using the services of Second Chance Credit, my wife and I were approved for a loan towards our first home. I am writing this testimonial because I believe in the work of Second Chance Credit, and my house is a testament of it. I know that an investment made into Second Chance Credit will yield a result that can better your life.”

Karl L.


“I would like to thank you so much for helping me repair my credit! Prior to reaching out to you my credit was a train wreck and I saw no way out. Now, thanks to you all of my past unresolved creditors and points that were affecting my targeted credit score have been resolved and mitigated. I could hardly believe that in a matter of just 2 months I was left with only 1 more creditor to resolve! Also, not only did you significantly help improve my credit score but you were always there for me in every step of the way and answered all the questions I had in reference always with a smile. Taking a firsthand look at my credit was tough in the beginning, as no one wants to face how bad the reality of it is, but you made it easy and held my hand through it all. You gave me hope again to reach a credit score that I would’ve only dreamt of.

Keep up the good work!! And continue helping others as myself to feel good about their credit, it’s an AMAZING feeling! And please feel free to use me as a reference at any time.”

Michelle Orellana


“Having the opportunity and the trust that Second Chance Credit has given me, now I can say that my life will be better and more prosperous. Thanks Second Chance Credit for everything that you have done to help me build my credit and also for the great customer service you have provided all along. I could never have done it without your help!!!

I have had results in a matter of only 45 days, and amazingly they were great results and they’re still getting better.

Thanks again your company is the best!!!”

Angiemar Caraballo

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